DeCartas L2 Geospatial Search Engine Makes Waves

May 22, 2014

The article on GPS World titled DeCarta Search Engine for LBS Expands to 120 Countries opens by identifying deCarta, Inc as an “independent LBS platform company.” Unfortunately it never goes on to explain what on earth an LBS is. We do learn that the company has recently made improvements to its local search technology which is called the L2 Geospatial Search Engine. The article explains (sort of),

“The L2 Search engine is an integral component of deCarta’s LBS platform which provides specialized geospatial technologies for maps, routing, navigation, geocoding, local search and geo-data integration and processing. deCarta offers two deployment models for its LBS platform: a Hosted LBS Platform Service (PaaS) or, alternatively, customers can self-host the platform either on-premise or in a cloud service such as Amazon’s AWS. Both approaches utilize deCarta’s advanced REST API architecture and can scale to support billions of maps and searches and millions of users per month.”

J. Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta, describes the excitement of the company at their advances and competitiveness with Google Maps. He believes this is due to better customer service, the user’s ability to customize their content, and license terms that don’t limit use. L2 also allows for businesses to merge their content with industry map and POI content, allowing for more control over content.

Chelsea Kerwin, May XX, 2014

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