Pinterest Attempts Improved Search

May 26, 2014

Pinterest is known as a time drain, a very entertaining time drain, but a time drain none the less. It is pages and pages of endless scrolling, browsing, and clicking. But now Pinterest attempts to join the world of search, to make their product easier to use and perhaps more efficient. Read the details in the MakeUseOf story, “Explore Pinterest In Just A Few Taps As Guided Search Comes To The Mobile Apps.”

The article says:

“Guided Search is being described as a new way to find content on Pinterest. With so many pins, boards, and Pinners to search through, Guided Search wants to make it easier to find something within the first few taps. As the name indicates, Guided Search helps you get more specific by diving deeper into each category.”

No advanced search phrases are needed – just a simple keyword that can then be narrowed down via the sliding row of filters along the top of the screen. And while this is a nice thought, Pinterest users likely have no expectation for efficient search. If they did, they would be using Google to find the page in the first place instead of scrolling through countless pins from friends of friends in search of mashed potato recipes.

Emily Rae Aldridge, May 26, 2014

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