Connotate Shows Growth And Webdata Browser

June 20, 2014

In February 2014, NJTC TechWire wrote an article on “Connotate Announces 25% YOY Growth In Total Contract Value For 2013.” Connotate has made a name for itself by being a leading provider of Webdata extraction and monitoring solutions. The company’s revenue grew 25% in 2013 and among other positives for Connotate were the release of Connotate 4.0, a new Web site, and new multi-year deal renewals. On top of the record growth, BIIA reports that “Connotate Launches Connotate4,” a Web browser that simplified and streamlines Webdata extraction. Connotate4 will do more than provide users with a custom browser:

? “Inline data transformations within the Agent development process is a powerful new capability that will ease data integration and customization.

? Enhanced change detection with highlighting can be requested during the Agent development process via a simple point-and-click checkbox, enabling highlighted change detection that is easily illustrated at the character, word or phrase level.

? Parallel extraction tasks makes it faster to complete tasks, allowing even more scalability for even larger extractions.

? Build and expand capabilities turn the act of re-using a single Agent for related extraction tasks a one-click event, allowing for faster Agent creation.

? A simplified user interface enabling simplified and faster Agent development.”

Connotate brags that the new browser will give user access to around 95% of Webdata and is adaptable as new technologies are made. Connotate aims to place itself in the next wave of indispensable enterprise tools.

Whitney Grace, June 20, 2014
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