Another Weekend, More HP Autonomy Mud Slinging

September 6, 2014

I read “HP Alleges Autonomy Email Warning of Falling Revenues and ‘Imaginary Deals’ Shows Fraud.”

HP released an email from Autonomy’s CFO to Autonomy’s president. It would be helpful to have a larger number of emails and some context for a message sent from a mobile phone.

According to the write up:

HP claims the disclosure supports its allegations of fraud against Dr Lynch, who was then chief executive of Autonomy. It has today accused him in a Californian court of lying “to an extraordinary extent” about the performance of his company during the due diligence process that led to its $11.7bn (£7.1bn) acquisition.

If Autonomy were in such bad shape, how did HP miss these signals?

HP is going to keep Autonomy in the center of its content marketing campaign. The charges and counter charges underscore the risks associated with search and content processing software.

Stephen E Arnold, September 6, 2014


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