Quote to Note: Julian Assange about Larry Page (Google)

September 28, 2014

I read “Julian Assange Makes digs at Google’s Eric Schmidt.”

Here’s the quote I noted:

“[Co-founder] Larry Page is an apolitical genius,” Assange admitted. “His ambition is a megalomaniacal ambition, but it’s the same ambition that many CEOs have, which is just to make Google as big as possible . . . [Page] is constructing this giant machine . . . but it has no color. It’s like white rice . . . and it will adapt to any flavor put on it.”

I don’t agree. Mr. Page is worried about money. Yep, I know that sounds crazy. Also, there seems to be some tension related to Google from some corners of the world, not Harrod’s Creek, of course.

Stephen E Arnold, September 28, 2014


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