Search for Internet of Things

October 2, 2014

Yep, IOT or the Internet of Things can be searched. “Thingful Upgrades its Search Engine for the Internet of Things” said:

[Thingful] allows people to find connected devices, from shark monitors to Raspberry Pis, based on the object and where it is located….The idea is to help build a true community of connected devices and use the resources and data already around us, as opposed to running out and building a system from scratch.

I ran a query for traffic cams Washington, DC. The system showed one hit. I think there are more in that area. One feature of the service is that I could click on the purple locator and view the cam after I logged into Thingful via Twitter or Facebook. I passed, but you may be an avid IOT person and be more adventuresome than I.

The service does not seem to poke into the industrial side of interconnected gizmos. General Electric, which is more than IOT lighting fixtures, and others are moving quickly in this space.

You can find Thingful at

Stephen E Arnold, October 2, 2014


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