Portals are Back, for All Devices through CMS

October 13, 2014

The article on Business Zone titled Enterprise Portals: Your Company’s Internal Business Card offers some tips on the perfect portal. That’s, right portals are back! The question is, will mobile users rely on them? The article suggests that the typically slow and overloaded portals need not be the rule for all portals. Due to their association with difficulty, many companies fail to spend the appropriate time and resources building clear and intuitive portals. The article states,

“Once the structure of the portal has been created, regular updating is key to avoiding clutter. In particular, platforms that have grown over time with little control or management, tend to get overcrowded with information quickly. It is essential to provide a positive user experience which is why regular audits and updates to the content are vital. Businesses should also make sure to have gatekeepers in place that control the amount and nature of content that is uploaded.”

Stressing the importance of relevance, the article puts forth the notion that a well-crafted enterprise portal can act as a “virtual colleague.” Using Content Management Systems (CMS) can help corporations allow for a portal use from a variety of devices. The automatic distribution of content to all devices could foreseeably be an excellent step in streamlining the output of up-to-date information.

Chelsea Kerwin, October 13, 2014

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