X1 Social Discovery Posited as Solution to Social Media Discovery Problem

November 4, 2014

The article titled Why Printing Social Media Pages is a Bad Idea and May Violate an Attorney’s Duty of Competence on the X1 Discovery blog delves into the waste incurred by counsel when they take the time to print social media pages. The example used is the recent case of Stallings v. City of Johnston, a wrongful termination case wherein Jayne Stalling’s legal team spent a full week printing out some 500 pages of Facebook content. The article explains,

“This exercise was obviously costly. A week of paralegal and lawyer time could easily run $25,000 and no client should pay anywhere near that amount for a task that, with best practices technology, would require minutes instead of days to perform. But the high cost is only the tip of the iceberg…Many legal commentators note that the duty of competence arguably requires lawyers to conduct online investigations of opposing parties, key witnesses, jurors, including looking at social media.”

The article goes on to question the reliability of print screen images, which are still time-consuming. Screen shot images have not been allowed in several courts, but the answer proposed by the article is X1 Social Discovery. This is a single interface designed to address social media content from the leading sites while holding on to metadata and allowing for search. They also note the price is certainly preferable to that incurred in the Stallings case.

Chelsea Kerwin, November 04, 2014

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