Search Every Tweet: Sounds Like a Perfect Circle

November 19, 2014

If you want to find a single Twitter message, you may have to license a comprehensive archive. According to “Now You Can Search Every Tweet That Was Ever Sent”, you allegedly can use the Twitter search engine and click “all”, which is one of the 20 somethings’ favorite words. I won’t poke at this assertion.

The passage I highlighted in this IDC wonderful write up was:

Now, every public tweet since Twitter’s launch in 2006 is fair game. The change is being rolled out over the next few days to the Twitter website as well as to its iOS and Android apps. It doesn’t change how search works on Twitter. You still search from the regular search bar or the advanced search page. Clicking on the “all” tab reveals results from the full index of tweets, and over time more tweets will also appear in the “top” results tab, Twitter said in announcing the enhancement Tuesday.

Now what’s more important: [a] a single tweet or [b] an analysis of Twitter messages by some useful index point?

I won’t ask the annoying questions that I contribute to LinkedIn posts that are essentially from another dimension. I won’t ask, “What happens to Twitter messages generated by a hacked account?” Nope, not me.

The single shot search just sounds great. Give it a whirl.

Stephen E Arnold, November 19, 2014


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