Make Your Own Metadata Webinar

November 24, 2014

Here is a unique idea that we have not heard about: “Build Your Own Canto Metadata Webinar.” Canto is a company that specializes in digital asset management and their award-winning Cumulus software is an industry favorite to manage taxonomies and metadata for digital content. People often forget how important metadata is Web content:

“Metadata lets you do more with your digital content.

Metadata can save you from copyright lawsuits.

Metadata can speed your everyday workflow.”

The webinar is advertised as way to help people understand what exactly metadata is, how people can harness it to their advantage, and how to engage more people into using it. While anyone can teach a webinar about metadata, Canto is building the entire session around users’ questions. They will be able to tweet questions before and during the meeting.

The webinar is led by three metadata experts: Thomas Schleu-CTO/Co-Founder of Canto, Phoenix Von Lieven-Director of Professional Services, Americas Cantos, and Danielle Forshtay-Publications Coordinator of Lockheed Martin. These experts will lend their knowledge to attendees.

“Build Your Own Canto Webinar” is an odd way to advertise an online class about metadata. Why is it called make your own? Are the attendees shaping the class’ content entirely? It does bear further investigation by attending the webinar on November 19.

Whitney Grace, November 24, 2014
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