Perceptive Software Builds Offices with Emphasis on Group Spaces

January 29, 2015

The article titled Johnson County’s Coolest Offices Are Places Where People Want to Work on The Kansas City Star praises Perceptive Software for its interest in architecture and search. Their new office building boasts wide-open spaces and flexible work areas. There are still cubicles, but the group spaces are more thoughtfully planned to be inviting and inspiring. The article states,

“We wanted the building to be a visual depiction of our fun, collaborative culture,” said Megan McClendon, spokeswoman for Perceptive Software, as she began a tour of the new 238,000-square-foot building in its central atrium. “We have flexible work options for employees to work at home or wherever, but employees are coming in to work more often. They don’t have to be here, but they do.”

Small touches can make a big difference in environment. Items like the V-shaped table for videoconferencing are the round table of corporate equality, enabling everyone to see and be seen. Having a dry cleaners in the building and a gym make errands and personal time more accessible and convenient, improving morale and even allowing for employees to spend more time at work. 700 people work in the new offices, and perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of their construction is the attempt to dismantle the “corner office with a view.” Instead, it is the group spaces that get the windows, while the private officers are in the middle. Clearly, this sort of innovation is exciting in the value it sets on employee spaces.

Chelsea Kerwin, January 29, 2014

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