Glass: Not Shattered, Not Dead

March 23, 2015

I read “Google Glass Eyewear Isn’t Dead, Eric Schmidt Confirms.” I think of glass and the word “shattered.” My association with the wonky heads up display elicits these memory hooks:

  • A shattered life, mental stress, a motivated Xiaomi executive
  • A broken marriage
  • The multi-named Babak Parviz’s departure for the sunny climes of the Amazon
  • The coinage “glasshole”.

The write up does not hit my memory triggers. I learned:

Google Glass is “a big and very fundamental platform for Google,” Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Monday. Schmidt went on to say that the company’s decision to stop selling the initial version of the controversial gadget gives Google the opportunity “to make it ready for users.”

There you go. Google stands behind its products and services. The Google Graveyard is obviously not hip the meaning of words used by Googlers.

I get it. Google glass is not broken, opaque, or built according to a lost formula discovered by a stained glass window researcher in Milan. Glass lives. Dodgeball, Google Buzz, the Google Catalog, and maybe Google Plus are alive and very well I presume.

Stephen E Arnold, March 23, 2015


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