Google and Its New Best Buds in Europe from Publishing

April 28, 2015

I read “Google Offers Cash Support to Europe’s News Groups.” The idea is that Google will invest $163 million in journalism start ups. The write up points out that “The Financial Times, the Guardian, Spain’s El Pais and Germany’s Die Zeit are among those backing the initiative.”

The BBC, an organization with some experience in conflicts, points out:

Google has also pledged to:

  • work with European publishers to discuss ways to boost revenues via the use of ads, apps, paywalls and analytics data
  • pay for three of its own workers – based in Paris, Hamburg and London – to provide digital skills training to journalists
  • fund research to investigate how people consume news and find new techniques to crowdsource information

Is there any connection between Google’s European challenges and this action? Google set up a similar program in France. Google and France have an interesting relationship with regard to digital information and services. Like Google’s new patent purchase service, there is probably some other motive operating other than helping out start ups. I will leave it to you, gentle reader, to speculate on the “value” of strategic investments.

Stephen E Arnold, April 28, 2015


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