Behind The Google X Doors

May 18, 2015

Google X is Google’s top-secret laboratory, where the company develops new, innovative technology projects.  The main purpose behind Google X is to make technology more adaptable, useful, as well as improve people’s lives.  The Google Glass was one of their projects, so is Project Loon, where giant, high altitude balloons are released into the sky to bring Internet services to rural areas.  Also do not forget the driverless car.  EWeek has listed “10 Bold Google X Projects Aiming For Tech Breakthroughs,” exploring the new wonders that could eventually be available to your or me.

Are you interested in cleaner, renewable energy?  So are the folks at Makani Power, a Google X project that builds wind turbines and then makes them airborne using kites.  The wind turbines make energy for human consumption.  While energy is important for modern human life, health is a big issue too.

Google X has four projects dedicated to learning more about the human body and disease.  One is a contact lens measure glucose levels in tears, so diabetics will not have to prick themselves with needles to measure their sugar levels.  The Baseline Study project analyzes medical information and uses genomics to define what the human body actually is.  This project’s goal is to predict major diseases before their onset.  Life Labs, acquired in 2014, invented a spoon device that counteracts Parkinson’s disease.  The most astounding is something out of a science-fiction novel:

“Google X is in the nanoparticles business. The company in October unveiled a platform that uses nanoparticles to detect disease. In January, it followed that up with the announcement of the creation of synthetic skin as a proof-of-concept to show what nanoparticle technology might achieve in human biology and health.”

Nanoparticles?  Self-driving cars? Wind turbines on kites?  What will Google X work on next?

Whitney Grace, May 18, 2015
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