Altiar And dtSearch Combine

May 27, 2015

Sometimes when items are combine they create something even better, such as Oreos and peanut butter, Disney and Marvel, and Netflix and original series.  EContentMag alerted us that a new team-up is underway between two well known companies.  The press release title says it all, “Altiar Cloud-Based ECM Platform Is Embedding The dtSearch Engine.”  Altair is an enterprise content management platform that has been specifically used by Microsoft Azure.  The popular dtSearch platform has been searching through terabytes since 1991 and is referred to as a powerful search tool.  Embedding dtSearch into the Altiar core will make it a more powerful ECM.

Altiar is a popular ECM and can only be improved by dtSearch:

“A cloud-based service, Altiar includes rapid setup, scalability, and storage. It can accept any type of file, from PowerPoint to streaming video, as well as providing a host of tools and services to create custom content pages, newsletters, personal zones, and the like. The platform lets users not only access content from any connected device, but also manage, share, and track content, including features like email alerts.”

Microsoft is not a main player in the cloud computing and Microsoft Azure is supposed to drive more customers to them.  Anything, like this new Altair improving its search will make it more appealing.

Whitney Grace, May 27, 2015

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