Google Does the Tweet Thing

August 22, 2015

I read “Google Integrates Twitter into Its Desktop Search Results.” Meaty stuff.

But, dear, struggling Twitter. You keep trying. Users in hot spots like Sillycon Valley and public relations outfits in New York love the tweeter. Messages about the next big thing, a sleek baby unicorn, and the antics of a media star lubricate the modern world.

Here in Harrod’s Creek, where the failed middle school teachers work at the filling station and where failed webmasters moonlight as fry cooks at the eatery on the Ohio River, the tweeter is not such a big deal.

Consider me: Old, wheezing, and staring at a limited horizon. When I run a query for predictive analytics or dumps about philanderers, I just want an objective list of search results. Links to research papers and presentations about LaPlacian methods applied to mundane data problems are what I need to fry squirrel, kick back, snack, and read.

Now my results will be peppered with information from the tweeter thing. Is this an advance?

I suppose for those who ego surf like certain media stars with lots of children and ad sales reps gathering data to prove their campaigns’ value, the blend of search results and twitter peeps is a thrilling prospect.

The new Google is enchanted with the value of the tweeters’ toots. I understand the Twitter thing. It is the new Google that puzzles me.

Ah, back to revenue. Maybe? Maybe not. More relevant search results. Maybe not.

Stephen E Arnold, August 22, 2015


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