ZyLAB and Azure: A Cloud Marriage for a Cost Controlled Relationship

September 5, 2015

I read “ZyLAB eerste eDiscovery leverancier op Microsoft Azure Platform.” The Dutch company has been certified to process data stored in the Azure cloud computing platform. ZyLAB is one of the vendors serving the legal eDiscovery market.

The idea is that ZyLAB can be scaled more easily when using Azure. The objective is to reduce the cost of eDiscovery and related text processing costs.

Johannes Scholtes, Founder of ZyLAB, said:

As companies increasingly content stored in the cloud, it is important that, in the case of an eDiscovery or other legal investigations, attorneys can search these data. Migrating large amounts of content to and from the cloud provides all kinds of problems for the bandwidth and does only after processing and evaluating a small amount of data to be submitted to a third party. It is much more practical to carry out the whole process in the cloud, and only to meet the final data set for production from the cloud.

Some attorneys may be uncomfortable if information germane to a legal matter is not stored within the firm on the law firm’s servers. However, costs are a key concern in many law firms. Lower cost solutions are of interest. One assumes that security is not a concern. Will the Ashley Madison litigation make use of Microsoft Azure and cloud based eDiscovery? Interesting question in my opinion.

Stephen E Arnold, September 5, 2015


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