Europol and FireEye Are Fighting Digital Crime

September 15, 2015

The Internet is a hotbed for crime and its perpetrators and Europol is one of the main organizations that fights it head on.  One the problems that Europol faces is the lack of communication between law enforcement agencies and private industry.  In a landmark agreement that will most likely be followed by others, The Inquirer reports “Europol and FireEye Have Aligned To Fight The International Cyber Menace.”

FireEye and Eurpol have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where they will exchange information, so law enforcement agencies and private industry will be able to share information in an effort to fight the growing prevalence of cyber crime.  Europol is usually the only organization that disseminates information across law enforcement agencies.  FireEye is eager to help open the communication channels.

” ‘The threat landscape is changing every day and organizations need to stay one step ahead of the attackers,’ said Richard Turner, president for EMEA at FireEye.  ‘Working with Europol means that, as well as granting early access to FireEye’s threat intelligence, FireEye will be able to respond to requests for assistance around threats or technical indicators of compromise in order to assist Europol in combating the ever increasing threat from cyber criminals.’ ”

The MoU will allow for exchange of information about cyber crime to aid each other in prevention and analyze attach methods.  The Inquirer, however, suspects that information will only be shared one way.  It does not explain which direction, though.  The MoU is going to be a standard between Big Data companies and law enforcement agencies.  Law enforcement agencies are notorious for being outdated and understaffed; relying on information and software from private industry will increase cyber crime prevention.

Whitney Grace, September 15, 2015
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