Google and SEO: Fudging Relevance Okay. Robocalling Out of Bounds

September 17, 2015

I read “Google Sues SEO Company over Harassing Calls Selling  Front Page Domination.” I like the notion of front page domination. I like it even more when irrelevant results are generated because of search engine optimization.

The Alphabet Google thing wants to sell ads. Free visibility is just not job one. The write up points out:

Google says that Tustin, California-based Local Lighthouse has bombarded consumers with “incessant, unsolicited automated telephone calls” since mid-2014, making “false guarantees of first-page placement in Google search results.”

The surge in ad blockers is another issue. The fact that I am bombarded with ads when running a Google query is just not as annoying as robocalls.

I agree.

Google should be able to bombard me. Local Lighthouse should not be allowed to bombard anyone.

To make matters worse, Lighthouse allegedly says that it has some relationship with the Google. That spells trouble.

Google is not happy with misrepresentations.

So if I pay Google for storage or some other Google product and service, I do not have a relationship with Google? Guess not.

Anyway, irrelevant search results and nips and tucks at the very specious search engine optimization sector will not change the reality of online information access.

Robocalls, unwanted digital ads—what’s the difference? Perhaps I could receive a robocall on my mobile as I browsed ad choked results? Seems about par for the relevant results game.

Stephen E Arnold, September 17, 2015


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