Redundant Dark Data

September 21, 2015

Have you heard the one about how dark data hides within an organization’s servers and holds potential business insights? Wait, you did not?  Then where have you been for the past three years?  Datameer posted an SEO heavy post on its blog called, “Shine Light On Dark Data.”  The post features the same redundant song and dance about how dark data retained on server has valuable customer trend and business patterns that can put them bring them out ahead of the competition.

One new fact is presented: IDC reports that 90% of digital data is dark.  That is a very interesting fact and spurs information specialists to action to get a big data plan in place, but then we are fed this tired explanation:

“This dark data may come in the form of machine or sensor logs that when analyzed help predict vacated real estate or customer time zones that may help businesses pinpoint when customers in a specific region prefer to engage with brands. While the value of these insights are very significant, setting foot into the world of dark data that is unstructured, untagged and untapped is daunting for both IT and business users.”

The post ends on some less than thorough advice to create an implementation plan.  There are other guides on the Internet that better prepare a person to create a big data action guide.  The post’s only purpose is to serve as a search engine bumper for Datameer.  While Datameer is one of the leading big data software providers, one would think they wouldn’t post a “dark data definition” post this late in the game.

Whitney Grace, September 21, 2015
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