Google US Probe: Legal Eagles Expect Great 2016

September 25, 2015

I read “US Will Probe Google for Anti-Competitive Android Behavior.” Quite a surprise. I assumed that Google and the US government’s legal system had moved on to more interesting topics; for example, Loon balloons, adding features to Gmail, and Version 2 of Glass.

Wrong was I. According to the article:

US regulators reportedly decided to launch the inquiry after meeting with rival tech companies, which complained that Google limits their access to Android in favor of its own apps.

The Alphabet Google thing is going to ensure that some attorneys have really good fourth quarter and 2016 revenues. The GOOG is dealing with the pesky European Union. Now the world’s greatest ad centric, search and retrieval outfit has to explain what’s up (not what’s app) with the Android business strategy.

My hunch is that the GOOG may be showing some signs of ageing. Management shuffles, a shift in the online advertising world from desktop search to mobile search, and the grousing some of the Alphabet Google thing’s competitors are taking a toll.

This will be interesting because Google will have to work harder to generate sufficient revenues to keep Wall Street happy. It will have to deliver numbers, not a road show talking about transparency to the stakeholders who want the two companies’ shares to keep on delivering good news. Also, the Alphabet Google thing cannot roll over and play dead as Facebook continues to follow the dollar signs in its social advertising sector.

Life was simpler when I thought about the objective methods to deliver results in response to my queries. Lawyers involved in these matters are likely to experience some additional billable hours. Those new gasoline powered Porsches look really slick too.

Stephen E Arnold, September 25, 2015


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