Traffic Pattern Information: News on the Hot Seat

October 15, 2015

The write up “Platforms for Everyone, Publications for No One.” The article contains some interesting information. Let me pull out a few points I highlighted in accounting department red:

  • News site traffic is “tanking”
  • Charts included in the write up show a decline in traffic for Thought Catalog and Elite Daily
  • Facebook sharing is declining
  • Digital big dogs are juggling their offerings to deal with “engagement”
  • Apps are fluid with outfits like Facebook and Twitter trying to respond to what seems to be an opportunity
  • Advertising based content may be the future of information.

What’s the impact on companies which specialize is developing and selling products based on the old school print approach to information? My hunch is that life is going to focus more narrowly on generating revenue? Which of the over extended vendors will find a solution to before falling off “the platform’s edge?”

Net net: Apple, Facebook, and Google may be the 21st century version of traditional news organizations. The fact that news organizations are just now grasping the shift is fascinating. I wonder if some of these outfits can emulate Buzzfeed-type of content, embrace draft brewing, or jump into the restorod business? Another interesting question, “Will Twitter make the transition?”

Stephen E Arnold, October 15, 2015


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