Vodafone Improves Search Management

October 20, 2015

More than 8,000 call center agents use Vodafone’s internal knowledge management platform dubbed AskVodafone to access client information.  AskVodafone’s old system was not performing as well as it used, so the company decided to upgrade to ExorbyteMotor Traffic runs down Vodafone’s upgrade process in the article, “Exorbyte Matchmaker Managed Over 2 million Searches A Month On The Platform AskVodafone.”

Vodafone wanted to shorten an agent’s processing time on phone calls.  The solution required faceted search, keyword suggestions, more accurate search results, and information related to a caller’s issue.  Exorbyte created an individualized solution for Vodafone and they were given the job:

“Through the experience with the Exorbyte solutions and, of course, the existing site license used in the company the contract has been awarded directly to Exorbyte. These Andreas Vieth, Product Manager Search: ‘Due to the long and successful collaboration with Exorbyte it was logical for us to continue with them in the modernization of AskVodafone portal and to develop synergies between these and the Exorbyte search on the Vodafone website.’”

The solution indexes over 25,000 Web sites and it has increased the center’s data quality and results relevancy.  The end result is that over 8,000 calls and 50,000 searches performed on AskVodafone are resolved faster and with better information.

Whitney Grace, October 20, 2015

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