Nuzzel Up to Your Content

December 3, 2015

A service called Nuzzel should aggregate content from Web sites like Dogshaming,com,, and  These Web sites are all overloaded with so much cute content that it would make your gums bleed.  Nuzzel, however, is not meant to aggregate cute content, Gigaom tells us in “Nuzzel Update Improves New Discovery For Those Who Don’t Use Twitter” what Nuzzel’s true purpose is.  Nuzzel is a content discovery service that collects and organized links from Twitter and Facebook.  It will now contain an updated feature allowing users to find stories based off their interests without connect to social networks, think Feedly, Zine, and other content feeders.

There will be other changes to Nuzzel as well.  Users will not be required to log into one social network, a better search function, and a swipe-based navigation system.  Nuzzel is also adding a newsletter  for users who do not want to download an application or a social media account.  The updates are paired with a new round of funding totaling $5.1 million from the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Mozilla, Google, and other companies.

“Connecting with Twitter remains the best way to use Nuzzel, and still provides a great personalized news experience,” Abrams said. “But a lot of people don’t use Twitter, and Nuzzel 2.0 provides a new experience for those people, that also allows non-Twitter users to enjoy the power of social curation.” So it can still help quiet the cacophony of links shared to social networks, but now it could also appeal to people who have somehow managed to avoid the din of social media.”

Nuzzel can be programmed to send users cute content from around the Internet, but it is useful for  so much more and a great way to organize content and links.

Whitney Grace, December 3, 2015
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2 Responses to “Nuzzel Up to Your Content”

  1. Charlie Griver on December 21st, 2015 8:26 am

    Loved it. Some really good points in there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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