Google: Autos and Virtual Reality. Search? Not So Important?

January 13, 2016

I read two stories about the new Alphabet Google thing and its foci for 2016.

The first report comes from McPaper in the story “Google Forms Virtual Reality Division As Facebook Rivalry Heats Up.” The main idea is that Facebook is pitching virtual reality and getting lots of media coverage. The response for the Alphabet Google thing has been to do a reorganization.

Now I don’t much about virtual reality and I know zippo about modern management theory. I do think that when a giant company with many interests outside of the firm’s core technology does a reorganization after the Consumer Electronic Show, that’s a signal of note.

Has Google pulled a “let’s buy Motorola” or a “let’s reorganize now” maneuver?

Sure, looks like a knee jerk.

Meanwhile the Google is showing some signs of promiscuity. I read “Google Self-Driving Car Boss to Automakers: ‘We Hope to Work with Many of You Guys’.” I presume that the Alphabet Google thing will answer phone calls from those who want to work with the GOOG. The write up points out that there is a new president of the “self driving car project.” Hmm. President of project. I thought the title for that type of work was “project manager.”

The new Alphabet Google thing seems to be batting its Jack Benny blue eyes at anyone who finds the cachet of the search vendor alluring.

Zebras can change their stripes one assumes.

And search. Er, what?

Stephen E Arnold, January 13, 2016


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