Evidence Pay for Traffic Works

January 22, 2016

I read “Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Be the Default Search on iOS.” If this is indeed accurate, there are some interesting notions one can derive from the number.

The write up states:

$1 billion. That’s how much Google paid Apple in 2014 to be the default search app on the iPhone, according to court transcripts obtained by Bloomberg. As you might imagine, neither company is too happy about their business deal being made public, and as the publication notes, the court transcript “vanished without a trace” late yesterday. But whether that was because the court in the ongoing litigation between Google and Oracle eventually bowed to the whims of Cupertino and Mountain View’s requests for redaction isn’t clear.

My thought is that search engine optimization is pretty much a waste of time. If SEO worked, the dear Alphabet Google thing would just use wonky tricks and move on. If a Web or mobile site wants traffic, pay for it. Buy Adwords. Simple.

But no.

The Google is paying for exposure to Apple fans and getting traffic. The traffic leads to goodies like ad revenue and data.

Does anyone care? Nah. Search means Google, and if one can’t find it on Google, the information does not exist as I understand the matter.

Stephen E Arnold, January 21, 2016


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