Desperate for Traffic: Black Hat SEO Appears Quite Tasty

January 29, 2016

I read an interesting article. The title? “Are There Any Black Hat SEO Strategies That Work?” For years I have pointed out that if you want traffic, you need to buy Adwords. If the budget for an Adword campaign is too much for your pocketbook, you have to be pragmatic. Short cuts will land you in Google’s version of purgatory. If you have not been there, check out Dante.

The write up says:

Black hat tactics are ones that use deception, manipulation, and gimmicks to trick search engines into ranking a site higher than it otherwise would rank.

That sounds like a good description of most search engine optimization methods. Google does not care so webmasters try to fool Mother Google.

The write up sort of agrees with me. I noted this comment:

White hat tactics can be technically manipulative, since we’re taking specific actions with the goal of trying to rank higher in organic search…

The author then reviews some well known methods for getting an invitation to digital purgatory.

I came away from the write up with a sense that folks are desperate for traffic. Google buys traffic from Apple. You can buy traffic from Google. This seems pretty basic to me.

SEO is a game of diminishing returns. Even raising the notion of black hat methods only makes the white hat methods show their true color: Black. What’s on the head of the SEO maven? A black Barcelona ball cap. Black hat. Get it?

Stephen E Arnold, January 29, 2016


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