More Hacked US Voter Data Appears on the Dark Web

February 25, 2016

From HackRead comes a piece called More US Voters Data Circulating on the Dark Net, which points to the lack of protection surrounding data on US voters. This data was leaked on the site The Hell on Dark Web. No reports yet suggest how this data was hacked. While no social security numbers or highly sensitive information was released, records include name, date of birth, voter registration dates, voting records, political affiliation and address. Continuing the explanation of implications, the article’s author writes,

“However, it provides any professional hacker substantial information to initiate and plan a phishing attack in the next election which takes place in the US. Recent discoveries, news and speculations have exposed the role of nation-state actors and cyber criminals in planning, instigating and initiating hacking attacks aimed at maligning the upcoming US elections. While social media has emerged as one of the leading platforms adopted by politicians when they wish to spread a certain message or image, cyber criminals and non-state actors are also utilizing the online platform to plan and initiate their hacking attacks on the US election.”

As the article reminds us, this is the not first instance of voter records leaking. Such leaks call into question how this keeps happening and makes us wonder about any preventative measures. The last thing needed surrounding public perception of voting is that it puts one at risk for cyber attacks. Aren’t there already enough barriers in place to keep individuals from voting?


Megan Feil, February 25, 2016

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