Palantir: A Dying Unicorn or a Mad, Mad Sign?

February 26, 2016

I learned that some wag posted a Mad Magazine-type cartoon with an MBA-ish message. I am not sure if this is a message from the heart of a disgruntled Hobbit or someone angling for a writer’s job on a late night talk show.

Here’s the image I saw:

dead unicorn final

The point seems to be that the value of Palantir is in doubt. With the roiling of the financial valuations for outfits with billion dollar plus valuations, employees who work for stakes in a zoon zoon outfit may be in a cold, cold night.

I have inserted this alleged real-deal poster in my forthcoming overview of Palantir. If you want to reserve a copy, write benkent2020 [at] yahoo dot com. The 50 page report from ArnoldIT is US$99. The report will be available for sale in April 2016.

The report covers Palantir’s differences from Autonomy’s and i2’s augmented intelligence systems, examples of the “helper” interfaces, and a gathering of open source information about the firm. We have examined Palantir’s publicly accessible technical materials and identified 18 interesting technical innovations. A subset of this larger Palantir analysis will be included in the forthcoming Dark Web Notebook. I will offer some general comments in my forthcoming interview for the Singularity One on One video podcast as well.

Exciting if you follow how search-centric systems are shaped to perform value-added services for government and commercial clients. Open source with lipstick is a business model I find quite interesting to think about.

Stephen E Arnold, February 26, 2016


2 Responses to “Palantir: A Dying Unicorn or a Mad, Mad Sign?”

  1. Ui Neil Mah El Sandage on February 27th, 2016 2:01 pm

    Open Source with Lipstick.

  2. Elmo on February 27th, 2016 3:35 pm

    I am going to take care of my health and get married. Whoever created this Free & Accepted Mason computer and chose my dad to marry my mom, wanted another Bloodline like Steve Jobs dead, just as I was also in Foster care of Roman Catholics, who are obsessed with making the end of the world happen and then staging their church or Religion saves us from what they caused and have been actively granting social validation to war and race hate since before forever. ~ DARPA needs help with the internet never falling under a Department of Defend the Pope Umbrella. Education and Guns should never be placed in the same room or structure. elections.

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