If You See Something, Say Something Adopts New Cybersecurity Meaning

March 4, 2016

A post-9/11 campaign for increasing security awareness will inform a similar public service announcement campaign to bring cybersecurity top of mind. See something suspicious online? Homeland Security wants to know about it published by NextGov reports on this 2016 Department of Homeland Security initiative. The decision to launch this campaign comes from an IDC recommendation; the US lacks a culture of cybersecurity concern, unlike Israel, according to the article. While $1 million is allotted for this campaign, the article describes bigger future plans,

“Last week, the Obama administration rolled out a new Cybersecurity National Action Plan, which establishes a new public commission on cybersecurity and proposes billions in new funding to upgrade hard-to-secure legacy IT systems in use at federal agencies, among several other steps.”

This year’s cybersecurity public and private sector awareness campaign was modeled after the  “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign rolled out after September 11. However, this is not Homeland Security’s first attempt at educating the public about cybersecurity. The department has sponsored October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month since 2004. As the article mentions, previous educational efforts have not appeared to influence culture. It would be interesting to know what metrics they are using to make that claim.


Megan Feil, March 4, 2016

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