Germany Launches Malware to Spy on Suspicious Citizens

March 10, 2016

The article titled German Government to Use Trojan Spyware to Monitor Citizens on DW explains the recent steps taken in Germany to utilize Trojans, or software programs, created to sneak into someone else’s computer. Typically they are used by hackers to gain access to someone’s data and steal valuable information. The article states,

“The approval will help officials get access to the suspect’s personal computer, laptop and smartphone. Once the spyware installs itself on the suspect’s device, it can skim data on the computer’s hard drive and monitor ongoing chats and conversations. Members of the Green party protested the launching of the Trojan, with the party’s deputy head Konstantin von Notz saying, “We do understand the needs of security officials, but still, in a country under the rule of law, the means don’t justify the end.”

Exactly whom the German government wants to monitor is not discussed in the article, but obviously there is growing animosity towards not only the Syrian refugees but also all people of Middle Eastern descent. Some of this hostility is based in facts and targeted, but the growing prejudice towards innocent people who share nothing but history with terrorists is obviously cause for concern in Germany, Europe, and the United States as well. One can only imagine how President Trump might cavalierly employ malware to spy on an entire population that he has already stated his distrust of in the most general terms.


Chelsea Kerwin, March 10, 2016

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