Organized Cybercrime Continues to Evolves

March 10, 2016

In any kind of organized crime, operations take place on multiple levels and cybercrime is no different. A recent article from Security Intelligence, Dark Web Suppliers and Organized Cybercrime Gigs, describes the hierarchy and how the visibility of top-level Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS) has evolved with heightened scrutiny from law enforcement. As recently as a decade ago, expert CaaS vendors were visible on forums and underground boards; however, now they only show up to forums and community sites typically closed to newcomers and their role encompasses more expertise and less information sharing and accomplice-gathering. The article describes their niche,

“Some of the most popular CaaS commodities in the exclusive parts of the Dark Web are the services of expert webinjection writers who supply their skills to banking Trojan operators.

Webinjections are code snippets that financial malware can force into otherwise legitimate Web pages by hooking the Internet browser. Once a browser has been compromised by the malware, attackers can use these injections to modify what infected users see on their bank’s pages or insert additional data input fields into legitimate login pages in order to steal information or mislead unsuspecting users.”

The cybercrime arena shows one set of organized crime professionals, preying on individuals and organizations while simultaneously being sought out by organized cyber security professionals and law enforcement. It will be most interesting to see how collisions and interactions between these two groups will play out — and how that shapes the organization of their rings.


Megan Feil, March 10, 2016

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