FireEye Builds Toward a Bigger, Smarter Future

March 14, 2016

Demand for cybersecurity may exist, but one security firm’s first quarter results do not have much to show for it. People are not spending on security published by MyInforms reports this sharing the story of FireEye. Several explanations are offered for the lack of profitability this quarter and next, including their recent purchase of subscription-based iSight Partners and Invotas. The article contextualizes FireEye’s results,

“Security outfit FireEye released some disappointing results and claim it is because firms are skimping on their security budgets. FireEye forecast a bigger than expected loss for the first quarter and said it expected growth in cyber security spending to slow this year. FireEye Chief Executive Dave DeWalt said sales across the industry were boosted by “emergency spending” last year as major hacking attacks prompted some companies to place massive orders.”

Profitability can be looked at in several ways, but that’s another story. What is important to note here is the security concern many businesses have — and notably acted on last year, according to the article. What kind of player with FireEye be in this market with their newly acquired cyber intelligence offerings? We will keep our sights set on them.


Megan Feil, March 14, 2016

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