Google Search, Jr.

April 6, 2016

As a kid friendly society, we cater to the younger generations by making “child friendly” versions of everything from books to meals.  When the Internet made headway into our daily lives, kid friendly dashboards were launched to keep the young ones away from pedophiles and to guarantee they only saw age-appropriate content.  The kid protocols sucked, for lack of better terms, because the people designing them were not the greatest at judging content.

With more tech-savvy, child wise Web developers running the show now, there are more kid friendly products with more intelligence behind their design.  One of the main Internet functions that parents wish were available for their offspring is a safe search engine, but so far their answers have been ignored.

The Metro reports there is now a “New Search Engine Kiddle Is Like Google For Children-Here’s What It Does.”  Kiddle’s purpose is to filter results that are safe for kids to read and also is written in simple language.

Kiddle is not affiliated with the search engine giant, however:

“Kiddle is not an official Google product, but the company uses a customized Google search to deliver child-friendly results.  Kiddle uses Google colors but instead of the traditional white background has adopted an outer space theme, fit with a friendly robot.  It will work in the same manner as Google but its search will be heavily filtered.”

The results will be filleted as such: the first three sites will be kid friendly, four through seven will be written in simple language, and the remaining will be from regular Google filtered through by the Kiddle search.

Kids need to understand how to evaluate content and use it wisely, but the Internet prevents them from making the same judgments other generations learned, as they got older.  However, kids are also smarter than we think so a “kid friendly” search tool is usually dumbed down to the cradle.  Kiddle appears to have the best of both worlds, at least it is better than parental controls.


Whitney Grace, April 6, 2016
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One Response to “Google Search, Jr.”

  1. Jenny on April 6th, 2016 8:22 pm

    I have seen posts about Kiddle for a while. There are many other search engines for kids doing the same thing. Just search Google for “safe search engines”, or “kids search engines”. Why is yet another one making so much news?

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