ID Agent Alerts Government Contractors to Cyber Risk

April 12, 2016

All kinds of information shows up on the Dark Web, including thousands of emails of federal contractors. A recent article from Fierce Government IT, Report: Thousands of contractor emails found on Dark Web, shares several findings from a study conducted by ID Agent, a firm promoting its Dark Web security intelligence product. The study, “Federal Supply Chain Analysis: Cyber Threats from the Dark Web” relied on historical data loss information regarding numbers of email accounts stolen to analyze contracting areas based on their cyber risk.

The write-up expands on where ID Agent sees opportunity,

“Having cyber criminals with access to these accounts is scary enough, but malicious actors operating on the Dark Web have also taken many more forms in recent years. “While stolen personal information is concerning, national and corporate espionage continues to play a major role in the activities conducted via the Dark Web,” the report noted. ID Agent is by no means a disinterested party in disclosing the risk of these email accounts, as it hopes to market its Dark Web ID product that regularly provides this sort of threat intelligence to customers. Still, the study’s findings are a wake-up call to government contractors and the agencies employing them.”

ID Agent uses a proprietary algorithm for situating the risk of various companies and organizations. While this is a new market space, they are certainly not the only game in town when it comes to security and intelligence solutions which take the Dark Web into account. This appears to be an expanding ecosystem.


Megan Feil, April 12, 2016

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