What Makes Artificial Intelligence Relevant to Me

July 7, 2016

Artificial intelligence makes headlines every once in awhile when a new super computer beats a pro player at chess, go, or even Jeopardy.  It is amazing how these machines replicate human thought processes, but it is more of a novelty than a practical application.  The IT Proportal discusses the actual real world benefits of artificial intelligence in, “How Semantic Technology Is Making Sense Of Our Big Data.”

The answer, of course, revolves around big data and how industries are not capable of keeping up with the amount of unstructured data generated by the data surges with more advanced technology.  Artificial intelligence processes the data and interprets it into recognizable patterns.

Then the article inserts information about the benefits of natural language processing, how it scours the information, and can extrapolate context based on natural speech patterns.  It also goes into how semantic technology picks up the slack when natural language processing does not work.  The entire goal is to make unstructured data more structured:

“It is also reasonable to note that the challenge also relates to the structure and output of your data management. The application of semantic technologies within an unstructured data environment can only draw real business value if the output is delivered in a meaningful way for the human tasked with looking at the relationships. It is here that graphical representations add user interface value and presents a cohesive approach to improving the search and understanding of enterprise data.”

The article is an informative fluff piece that sells big data technology and explains the importance of taking charge of data.  It has been discussed before.


Whitney Grace,  July 7, 2016
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