Six Cybercriminal Archetypes from BAE Systems

July 11, 2016

Tech-security firm BAE Systems has sketched out six cybercriminal types, we learn from “BAE Systems Unmasks Today’s Cybercriminals” at the MENA Herald.  We’re told the full descriptions reveal the kinds of havoc each type can wreak, as well as targeted advice for thwarting them.  The article explains:

“Threat intelligence experts at BAE Systems have revealed ‘The Unusual Suspects’, built on research that demonstrates the motivations and methods of the most common types of cybercriminal. The research, which is derived from expert analysis of thousands of cyber attacks on businesses around the world. The intention is to help enterprises understand the enemies they face so they can better defend against cyber attack.”

Apparently, such intel is especially needed in the Middle East, where cybercrime was recently found to affect about 30 percent of organizations.  Despite the danger, the same study from PwC found that regional companies were not only unprepared for cyber attacks, many did not even understand the risks.

The article lists the six cybercriminal types BAE has profiled:

“The Mule – naive opportunists that may not even realise they work for criminal gangs to launder money;

The Professional – career criminals who ‘work’ 9-5 in the digital shadows;

The Nation State Actor – individuals who work directly or indirectly for their government to steal sensitive information and disrupt enemies’ capabilities;

The Activist – motivated to change the world via questionable means;

The Getaway – the youthful teenager who can escape a custodial sentence due to their age;

The Insider – disillusioned, blackmailed or even over-helpful employees operating from within the walls of their own company.”

Operating in more than 40 countries, BAE Systems is committed to its global perspective. Alongside its software division, the company also produces military equipment and vehicles. Founded in 1999, the company went public in 2013. Unsurprisingly, BAE’s headquarters  are in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.  As of this writing, they are also hiring in several locations.



Cynthia Murrell, July 11, 2016

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