Try the Amazon Brand Computer Chip

July 14, 2016

Amazon offers its clients cloud storage, software development help, and more services via their Amazon Service Works.  The global retailer is also taking on electronics and cable TV with the Kindle and Amazon Fire TV, but now, according to Trusted Reviews, “Amazon Now Selling Own-Brand Computer Chips.”  Amazon wants to diversify its offerings even more with its own brand of computer chips.

The Amazon brand computer chips are made by Annapurna Labs that the company purchased last year.  Amazon recently announced these chips are now available to the open market and the ARM-based processors can be used in home gateways, WiFi routers, and networked attached storage devices.  They are meant to be used as cheap alternatives for home smart devices and data centers, nothing that can compete on the scale of Qualcomm.

The purpose of a capitalistic society is to drive competition and Intel has the computer chip marker monopoly:

“However, it does mark a notable challenge to another major chip manufacturer. As Bloomberg points out, Intel currently has the data-centre infrastructure field pretty much to itself, with a whopping 99% share of the server chip market. Amazon’s entry to this one-sided market could start to change that, although it won’t initially be targeting the kind of high-end servers that represent Intel’s stronghold. Amazon appears to be attacking the low-power edges of the market, which could see it powering (or at least helping to power) that hottest of networks, the Internet of Things.”

Great, Amazon is still working on developing other products, but we want to know when they are going to deploy image search.


Whitney Grace,  July 14, 2016
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