You Do Not Tay?

July 25, 2016

The article titled Microsoft CaptionBot: AI Image Guessing App Really Isn’t Sure Who Barack Obama Is on International Business Times assesses Microsoft’s latest attempt at AI following the catastrophic Twitter robot Tay which quickly “learned” and repeated some pretty darn offensive ideas about Hitler and Obama. The newly released version named CaptionBot is more focused on image descriptions. The article states,

“Users are asked to upload any photo to the site, then Microsoft’s AI system attempts to describe what is in the image. The system can recognise celebrities and understands the basics of image composition but…, it isn’t yet perfect… You know when you recognise someone, but can’t quite put your finger on who it is? Caption Bot doesn’t do that, it just fails to even describe what a photo of Barack Obama is, never mind who he might be.”

From the examples, it is clear that while CaptionBot is much better at understanding and defining objects than people, objects often create difficulty as well. An image of a yellow vehicle from Cars was described (without confidence) as a white toilet next to a yellow building. To be sure, if you stare at the image long enough, the toilet shape emerges.


Chelsea Kerwin, July 25, 2016

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