Search Experts Rejoice. Work Abounds in Semantics

July 29, 2016

Are you a struggling search engine optimization “expert”? Do you know how to use Google to look up information? Can you say “semantics” five times without slurring your words?

If you answered “yes” to two of these questions, you can apply for the flurry of job openings for “semantic experts.” Incredible, I know. Just think. Unemployed SEO mavens, failed middle school teachers, and clueless webmasters can join the many folks with PhDs in the booming semantic technology sector.

Just think. No more Uber driving on Friday and Saturday nights. No more shame at a conference when someone asks, “What is it you do exactly?”

Navigate to “Semantic Technology Experts In Demand.” Get the truth. Don’t worry to much about:

  • A definition of semantics
  • A knowledge of semantic methods which actually work
  • How semantic methods are implemented
  • Which numerical recipes are most likely to generate accurate outputs.

Cash in now. Embrace this truth:

If you’re not heavily involved in the data world, you may not have heard of semantic technology, but it might be time to give the category some attention. It’s one of those areas of tech that’s becoming more important as organizations of all kinds contend with streams of information that contain multiple data structures (or no structures) and move at speeds that approach the threshold of mind-boggling. If you follow the news, you can watch the technology’s spread through a variety of industries and products. Ford, for example, recently acquired California startup Civil Maps, which develops and maintains live semantic maps of all the roads in the United States. And health IT experts say the day is coming when “data silos and lack of semantic interoperability will not be tolerated.”

If you spent months or years learning about Big Data, the cloud, and natural language processing, you can repurpose your expertise. Just say, “I am an expert in semantics.” Easy, right?

Stephen E Arnold, July 29, 2016


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