Battle of the Maps

August 10, 2016

Once upon a time used to be the best map Web site on the Internet, then came along Google Maps and then Apple Maps unleashed its own cartography tool.  Which is the better GPS tool?  Justin Obeirne decided to get to the bottom and find which application is better.  He discussed his findings in “Cartography Comparison: Google Maps And Apple Maps.”

Both Google and Apple want their tool to be the world’s first Universal Map, that is the map most used by the world’s population.  Google Maps is used by one billion of the world’s population, but Apple Maps has its fair share of users too.  These tools are not just mere applications, however, they are powerful platforms deployed in many apps as well.

These maps have their differences: colors, styles, and even different types of maps.  The article explains:

“At its heart, this series of essays is a comparison of the current state of Google’s and Apple’s cartography. But it’s also something more: an exploration into all of the tradeoffs that go into designing and making maps such as these.  These tradeoffs are the joy of modern cartography?—?the thousands of tiny, seemingly isolated decisions that coalesce into a larger, greater whole.  Our purpose here is not to crown a winner, but to observe the paths taken?—?and not taken.”

After reading the article, take your pick and decide which one appeals to you.  From my experience, Google Maps is more accurate and prone to have the most updated information.  Apple makes great technology, but cartography really is not their strongest point.


Whitney Grace, August 10, 2016
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