The Equivalent of a Brexit

August 31, 2016

Britain’s historical vote to leave the European Union has set a historical precedent.  What is the precedent however?  Is it the choice to leave an organization?  The choice to maintain their independence?  Or is it a basic example of the right to choose?  The Brexit will be used as a metaphor for any major upheaval for the next century, so how can it be used in technology context?  BA Insight gives us the answer with “Would Your Users Vote ‘Yes’ For Sharexit?”

SharePoint is Microsoft Office’s collaborative content management program.  It can be used to organize projects, build Web sites, store files, and allow team members to communicate.  Office workers also spurn it across the globe over due to its inefficiencies.  To avoid a Sharexit in your organization, the article offers several ways to improve a user’s SharePoint experience.  One of the easiest ways to keep SharePoint is to build an individual user interface that handles little tasks to make a user’s life easier.  Personalizing the individual SharePoint user experience is another method, so the end user does not feel like another cog in the system but rather that SharePoint was designed for them.  Two other suggestions are plain, simple advice: take user feedback and actually use it and make SharePoint the go information center for the organization by putting everything on it.

Perhaps the best advice is making information easy to find on SharePoint:

Documents are over here, discussions over there, people are that way, and then I don’t know who the experts really are.  You can make your Intranet a whole lot smarter, or dare we say “intelligent”, if you take advantage of this information in an integrated fashion, exposing your users to connected, but different, information.  You can connect documents to the person who wrote them, then to that person’s expertise and connected colleagues, enabling search for your hidden experts. The ones that can really be helpful often reduce chances for misinformation, repetition of work, or errors. To do this, expertise location capabilities can combine contributed expertise with stated expertise, allowing for easy searching and expert identification.

Developers love SharePoint because it is easy to manage and to roll out information or software to every user.  End users hate it because it creates more problems than resolving anything.  If developers take the time to listen to what the end users need from their SharePoint experience than can avoid an Sharexit.

Whitney Grace, August 31, 2016
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