How Collaboration and Experimentation Are Key to Advancing Machine Learning Technology

September 12, 2016

The article on CIO titled Machine Learning “Still a Cottage Industry” conveys the sentiments of a man at the heart of the industry in Australia, Professor Bob Williamson. Williamson is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO’s) Data 61 group chief scientist. His work in machine learning and data analytics led him to the conclusion that for machine learning to truly move forward, scientists must find a way to collaborate. He is quoted in the article,

There’s these walled gardens: ‘I’ve gone and coded my models in a particular way, you’ve got your models coded in a different way, we can’t share’. This is a real challenge for the community. No one’s cracked this yet.” A number of start-ups have entered the “machine-learning-as-a-service” market, such as BigML, and Precog, and the big names including IBM, Microsoft and Amazon haven’t been far behind. Though these MLaaSs herald some impressive results, Williamson warned businesses to be cautious.

Williamson speaks to the possibility of stagnation in machine learning due to the emphasis on data mining as opposed to experimenting. He hopes businesses will do more with their data than simply look for patterns. It is a refreshing take on the industry from an outsider/insider, a scientist more interested in the science of it all than the massive stacks of cash at stake.

Chelsea Kerwin, September 12, 2016

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