Ancient History Tumblr Hack Still Beats Myspace Passwords Sale

September 19, 2016

Personal information remains a hot ticket item on the darknet. Metro shared an article highlighting the latest breach, More than 65million Tumblr emails sold on the darknet. While the leak happened in 2013, Tumblr has now reported the magnitude of the database that was hacked. As a call to action, the article reports Tumblr’s recommendation for users to change their passwords and look out for phishing attempts. The article reports,

The database includes email addresses and passwords. These are heavily protected by a procedure which makes it extremely difficult to reproduce the passwords. The database has turned up on the darknet marketplace The Real Deal at a price of £102, reports Motherboard.

Troy Hunt, who runs the security research site Have I Been Pwned, said the leak is an example of a ‘historical mega breach’. Users who fear their credentials were involved in the Tumblr hack can find out here.

Let’s not forget the more recent hack of potentially the largest login credentials theft: Hacker offers 427 million MySpace passwords for just $2,800. Many are commenting on the low price tag for such a huge quantity of personal information as a sign of MySpace’s lack of appeal even on the Dark Web. When login information including passwords are stolen, phishing attempts on the site are not the only issue for victims to be concerned with; many individuals use the same login credentials for multiple accounts.

Megan Feil, September 19, 2016
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