Definitions of Search to Die For. Maybe With?

October 13, 2016

I read “Search Terminology. Web Search, Enterprise Search, Real Time Search, Semantic Search.” I have included glossaries in some of my books about search. I did not realize that I could pluck out four definitions and present them as a stand alone article. Ah, the wonders of content marketing.

If you want to read the definition with which one can die, either for or with, have at it. May I suggest that you consider these questions prior to your perusing the content marketing write up thing:

Web search

  • What’s the method for password protected sites and encrypted sites which exist under current Web technology?
  • What Web search systems build their own indexes and which send a query to multiple search systems and aggregate the results? Does the approach matter?
  • What is the freshness or staleness of Web indexes? Does it matter that one index may be a few minutes “old” and another index several weeks “old”?

Enterprise search

  • How does an enterprise search system deliver internal content points and external content pointers?
  • What is the consequence of an enterprise search user who accesses content which is incomplete or stale?
  • What does the enterprise search system do with third party content such as consultants’ reports which someone in the organization has purchased? Ignore? Re-license? Index the content and worry later?
  • What is the refresh cycle for changed and new content?
  • What is the search function for locating database content or rich media residing on the organization’s systems?

Real time search

  • What is real time? The indexing of content in the millisecond world of Wall Street? Indexing content when machine resources and network bandwidth permit?
  • How does a user determine the latency in the search system because marketers can write “real time” while programmers implement index update options which the search administrator selects?
  • What search system indexes videos in real time? YouTube struggles with 10 minute or longer latency with some videos requiring hours before the index points to those videos?

Semantic search

  • What is the role of human subject matter experts in semantic search?
  • What is the benefit of human-intermediated systems versus person-machine or automated smart indexing?
  • How does one address concept drift as a system “learns” from its indexing of information?
  • What happens to taxonomies, dictionary lists of entities, and other artifacts of concept indexing?
  • What does a system do when encountering documents, audio, and videos in a language different from the language of the majority of a system’s users?

Get the idea that zippy, brief definitions cannot deliver Gatorade to the college football players studying in the dorm the night before a big game?

Stephen E Arnold, October 13, 2016


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