Job Hunting in Secret Is Not So Secret

November 3, 2016

While the American economy has recovered from the recession, finding a job is still difficult.  Finding a new job can be even harder has you try to be discreet while handling emails, phone calls, and Web traffic under the radar.  A bit of advice is to not search for jobs while at your current position, but that is easier said than done in many respects.  Social media is a useful job seeking tool and LinkedIn now offers a job search incognito mode.  SlashGear discusses the new mode in the article, “LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Feature Helps You Find A Job In Secret.”

The Open Candidates feature allows LinkedIn users to search for a new job while hiding their job search activity from their current employer.  It will try to hide your job search activity, while at the same time it will add a new search feature for recruiters that displays profiles of people who have listed themselves under the Open Candidates feature.  The hope is that it will bring more opportunity to these people.

However, nothing is ever secret on the Internet and LinkedIn can only do its best to help you:

While the new feature will probably be welcome by people who would prefer to carry out a job search while ruffling as few feathers as possible, LinkedIn does warn that even it will try to prevent your current employer from seeing that you’ve listed yourself as an Open Candidate, it can’t guarantee that it will be able to identify all of the recruiters associated with your company.  In other words, use at your own risk.

If you work in a company that tracks your online social life or for a tech organization, you will have difficulty using this feature.  LinkedIn and Microsoft employees will definitely need to use the first piece of advice, search for a new job on your personal computer/device using your own Internet.

Whitney Grace, November 3, 2016
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