Lucidworks Hires Watson

November 7, 2016

One of our favorite companies to track is Lucidworks, due to their commitment to open source technology and development in business enterprise systems.  The San Diego Times shares that “Lucidworks Integrates IBM Watson To Fusion Enterprise Discovery Platform.”  This means that Lucidworks has integrated IBM’s supercomputer into their Fusion platform to help developers create discovery applications to capture data and discover insights.  In short, they have added a powerful big data algorithm.

While Lucidworks is built on open source software, adding a proprietary supercomputer will only benefit their clients.  Watson has proven itself an invaluable big data tool and paired with the Fusion platform will do wonders for enterprise systems.  Data is a key component to every industry, but understanding and implementing it is difficult:

Lucidworks’ Fusion is an application framework for creating powerful enterprise discovery apps that help organizations access all their information to make better, data-driven decisions. Fusion can process massive amounts of structured and multi-structured data in context, including voice, text, numerical, and spatial data. By integrating Watson’s ability to read 800 million pages per second, Fusion can deliver insights within seconds. Developers benefit from this platform by cutting down the work and time it takes to create enterprise discovery apps from months to weeks.

With the Watson upgrade to Lucidworks’ Fusion platform, users gain natural language processing and machine learning.  It makes the Fusion platform act more like a Star Trek computer that can provide data analysis and even interpret results.

Whitney Grace, November 7, 2016
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