Oh No! The Ads Are Becoming Smarter

November 15, 2016

I love Christmas and subsequent holiday season, although I am tired of it starting in October.  Thankfully the holiday music does not start playing until Thanksgiving week, as do the ads, although they have been sneaking into the year earlier and earlier.   I like the fact that commercials and Internet ads are inanimate objects, so I can turn them off.  IT Pro Portal tells me, however, that I might be in for a Christmas nightmare; “IBM’s Watson Now Used In Native Advertising” or the ads are becoming smarter!

While credit card expenditures, browsing history, and other factors are already used for individualized, targeted ads, they still remain a static tool dependent on external factors.  Watson is going to try be tried in the advertising game to improve targeting in native advertising.   Watson will add an aesthetic quality too:

The difference is – it’s not just looking at keywords as the practice was so far – it’s actually looking at the ad, determining what it’s about and then places it where it believes is a good fit. According to the press release, Watson “looks at where, why and how the existing editorial content on each site is ‘talking about’ subjects”, and then makes sure best ads are placed to deliver content in proper context.

Another way Watson’s implementation in advertising is “semantic targeting AI for native advertising.”  It will work in real-time and deliver more individualized targeted ads, over your recent Amazon, eBay, and other Web site shopping.  It is an interesting factor how Watson can disseminate all this information for one person, but if you imagine that the same technology is being used in the medical and law fields, it does inspire hope.

Whitney Grace, November 15, 2016
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