Healthcare Technology as a Target for Cyberthreats

December 20, 2016

Will the healthcare industry become the target of cyber threats? Security Affairs released a story, Data breaches in the healthcare sector are fueling the dark web, which explains medical records are among the most challenging data sources to secure. One hacker reportedly announced on the Dark Web he had over one million medical records for sale. The going rate is about $60 per record. According to the Brookings Institute, more than 155 medical records have been hacked since 2009. We learned, 

The healthcare sector is a labyrinth of governance and compliance with risk mitigations squarely focused on the privacy of patient data. We in the industry have accepted the norm that “security is not convenient” but for those in the healthcare industry, inconvenience can have a catastrophic impact on a hospital, including the loss of a patient’s life. Besides patient records, there’s a multitude of other services critical to patient health and wellbeing wrapped by an intricate web of cutting-edge and legacy technologies making it perhaps the most challenging environment to secure. This may explain the rise in attacks against healthcare providers in the last six months.

When it comes to prioritizing secure healthcare technology projects in healthcare organizations, many other more immediate and short-term projects are likely to take precedence. Besides that barrier, a shortage of healthcare technology talent poses another potential problem.

Megan Feil, December 20, 2016


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