Now Online: HonkinNews for 14 March 2017

March 14, 2017

The HonkinNews for March 14, 2017, tackles the ever juicy subject of selling ontology consulting. Bet you cannot wait. We reveal the real reason why poobahs are pitching custom classification systems and hand-crafted controlled term lists. We also nibble at the notion of “relaxed queries.” Our example is Yandex, but other Web search systems use the method to justify displaying more ads with less potential relevance. Microsoft has killed itse social media service none of the goslings in Harrod’s Creek have used. Google is  chasing the social media train again. This time with the Kaggle acquisition. If at first you don’t succeed, buy, buy again. We also take a moment to comment about Google’s smart software which is trying to filter hate speech. Believe it or not, our fearless leader connects the system with Google’s jumping robots and a classroom filled with young children. You can find the video at this link.Ken Toth, March 14, 2017


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